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Danielescu, Serban

A combined approach for understanding nitrogen loading to groundwater from a field under potato production in Prince Edward Island

Kretsinger Grabert, Vicki

A Flow and Transport Model Developed as a Salt and Nitrate Management Analysis Tool for a Management Zone in California’s Eastern Kings Subbasin

Nolan, Bernard

A statistical learning framework for groundwater nitrate models of the Central Valley, California

Vægter, Bo

Action plans to protect groundwater from pesticide pollution in Aarhus, Denmark

Wagner, Brian

Addressing Model Uncertainty in Groundwater-Management Modeling: A Case Study from the Upper Klamath Basin, Oregon and California.

Wattel, Esther

Agricultural emission reduction policy and its effect on groundwater quality in nature areas in The Netherlands over the past 25 years

Chaves, Henrique

An Index for Evaluating the Risk of Water Contamination by Pesticides: Development and Validation

Penny, Gopal

Anthropogenic depletion of water resources in the TG Halli catchment near Bangalore, India

Hakim, Abdul

Approach to Reduce Drought in California

Turner, Joseph

Aquifer Studies and Recharge Assessment of the Northern California Lower Tuscan Aquifer System

Aly, Osvaldo

Aquifer System Urucuia: governance and integrated water management in the São Francisco River Basin - Brazil's Northeast

Jiang, Yefang

Assessing the effects of buckwheat as a wireworm control crop on groundwater quality

Shumet, Abebe

Assessing the impact of existing and future water demand on economic and environmental aspects (case study from Rift valley lake basin, Ethiopia

Clausnitzer, Volker

Balancing of interests in polder dewatering: A starring role for an integrated groundwater-surface water model

Ransom, Katherine

Bayesian Nitrate Source Apportionment to Individual Groundwater Wells in the Central Valley by Use of Elemental and Isotopic Tracers

Joseph, Trevor

Building Capacity for Regional Sustainability with SGMA

Porta, Lisa

CA Central Valley Irrigated Lands Regulatory Program: The Sacramento Valley Rice Growers Approach to Groundwater Quality Management

Shilling, Fraser

California Almond Water Footprint

Schmidt, Kirk

California Groundwater Management - the 21st Century Gordian Knot

Garcia, Kristin

California’s New Groundwater Management Laws, and Strategies to Avoid Adverse Impacts on Agriculture in Urbanizing Communities

Perrone, Debra

California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: A Perspective Looking Across the South-Western US

Mehl, Steffen

Can California Groundwater be Sustainably Managed with Agricultural Water Transfers? Effects on Aquifer Declines, Energy, and Food Production

Baram, Shahar

Can Nitrate Leaching form an Orchard Be Accurately Estimated?

Green, Timothy

Challenging a trickle-down view of climate change on agriculture and groundwater

Cativiela, Jean-Pierre

Changing California’s groundwater policies and implementation strategies could increase opportunities for protecting drinking water while improving dairy farm environmental performance.

Lawal, Nurudeen


Mas-Pla, Josep

Characterization of agricultural nitrate pollution in a Mediterranean region: what should be the next step to deal with this environmental problem?

Ghasemizadeh, Mehdi

Combined analysis of time-varying sensitivity and identifiability indices to diagnose the response of complex environmental models

Pavelic, Paul

Community owned village ponds to mitigate floods and meet local irrigation demands: A novel conjunctive water use management approach

Alley, William

Connecting Regional Groundwater Assessments, Agriculture, and Groundwater Governance

Villholth, Karen

Contribution of Sustainable and Unsustainable Groundwater Use to Global Food Production

Kacimov, Anvar

Control of Topology of Water Fluxes in Arid Agriculture: Amalgamation of Subsurface Irrigation, Managed Aquifer Recharge and Engineered Soil Substrate

McClain, Cynthia

Cr(VI) and nitrate in groundwater and sediments of the southwestern Sacramento Valley, California, USA

Lindsey, Bruce

Decadal Changes in Agricultural Contaminants in Groundwater in the United States, 1988-2015

Burow, Karen

Decadal-scale changes in uranium and bicarbonate concentrations in groundwater in the U.S.: Effects of irrigation on the mobilization of uranium

Hoherd, Charlie

Designing Production wells to Optimize Performance and Efficiency

Graversgaard, Morten

Development of sustainability strategies in the agri-food system-regional nitrogen management

Dahan, Ofer

Direct monitoring of agriculture impact on groundwater quality

Marsh, Brian

Does following the recommended potato nitrogen fertility guideline contribute to groundwater contamination?

McDowell, Richard

Does variable rate irrigation decrease the loss of water quality contaminants from grazed dairy farming?

Mukhayer, Harum

Drawing the Line: Borders and Boundaries Governing Conjunctive Use

Juvvadi, Devi Prasad

Drought Governance and Response Strategies including Mission Kakatiya in Telangana, India

Sandoval, Samuel

Economic Analysis of Groundwater Banking on Agricultural Lands in California

Medellin-Azuara, Josue

Economics of Long Term Groundwater: A Case Study for the Tulare Lake Basin, California

Pollock, Michael

Ecosystem-based Groundwater Recharge to Help Farmers and Fish: Why California Needs 10,000 More Dams

Green, Christopher

Efficient data-driven estimation of nitrate transport and reactions in groundwater using a vertical flux model

Famiglietti, Jay

Enhancing groundwater management capabilities in California’s Central Valley - generating high-resolution groundwater maps from GRACE and in situ data

Valverde Flores, Martha


Abdo, Maria Teresa


Prakash, Pavithra

Estimating Applied Water in Alfalfa using the IWFM Demand Calculator Model

Gollehon, Noel

Evaluating NRCS Water Conservation Practice Impacts over the Ogallala Aquifer

Arnold, Brad

Evaluating the Effects of Over Pumping and Drought on Water Supply Well Production Capacities and Pumping Costs

Frey, Steven

Evaluating the influence of tile drainage management on shallow groundwater resources

Carey, Barbara

Evaluation of N mass balance and soil nitrate as indicators of N leaching to groundwater in a Pacific Northwest dairy grass field

Bruhis, Noa


Eppinger, Silvan

Evolution of groundwater law in Arizona and Jordan – legal dimension of the groundwater revolution and implications for the groundwater crisis of the 21st century

Sneed, Michelle

Evolution of Water Availability and Land Subsidence in California’s San Joaquin Valley

Ramadugu, Ratnakar

Experiences of Participatory Irrigation Managementin the APWELL Project

Foolad, Foad

Exploring relationship between evapotranspiration and groundwater level fluctuations in different land covers

Mas-Pla, Josep

Exploring the origin and migration of antibiotics in aquifers to evaluate their impact on groundwater resources quality

Vrain, Emilie

Factors influencing the adoption of water pollution mitigation measures by farmers in England

Boy Roura, Merce

Fate and persistence of emerging contaminants and multi-resistant bacteria in the continuum surface water - groundwater (the PERSIST Project)

Parsons, Taryn

Fate of Nitrogen on California Dairies as Measured by Regulatory Reporting

Smilovic, Mikhail

Field kites: Evaluating supplemental irrigation with climate change

Harter, Thomas

Field Scale Groundwater Nitrate Loading Model for the Central Valley, California, 1945-Current

Megdal, Sharon

Framing the Issues Associated with Groundwater Governance and Agriculture in the United States

Mehl, Steffen

FREEWAT, a HORIZON 2020 project to build open source tools for water management: a European perspective

Zuurbier, Koen

Freshwater storage in brackish-saline aquifers for irrigation water supply: a bottomless pit or a fountain of gold?

Dobbin, Kristin

From Integrated Regional Water Management to the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: Lessons on institutionalizing participation to achieve the Human Right to Water in California

Sood, Aditya

Global Scale Study for Determining Groundwater Contribution to Environmental Flows and Sustainable Groundwater Abstraction Limits for SDGs

Ariyama, Jiro

Groundwater and Nitrogen Recharge Model for the On-Farm Flood Flow Capture Project in California

Dahlquist-Willard, Ruth

Groundwater challenges faced by Southeast Asian smallholder farmers in Fresno County, California

Shivakoti, Binaya

Groundwater for more resilient agriculture in the Lower Mekong: governance challenges and lessons at the local level

Parker, Timothy

Groundwater Management in Mexico – Embarking on New Horizons?

Cehrs, David

Groundwater Management: Past, Present, and Future in the Upper Kings Basin of the Central Valley, California

D'Elia, Amanda

Groundwater Nitrate Attenuation and Changes in Groundwater Quality Across a California Delta Floodplain

Burke, Sean

Groundwater nitrate concentrations in the Permo-Triassic aquifer of the Eden Valley, UK

Reading, Lucy

Groundwater pathways for nutrient transport from agricultural land to the Great Barrier Reef


Groundwater Protection and Raising of Farmers Awareness

Rudolph, David

Groundwater remediation for nitrate contamination in public supply wells: Challenge of the non-point source

Guo, Zhilin

Groundwater salinization due to hydraulic closure in Tulare Basin over a long term time scale

Karlen, Douglas

Groundwater, Bioenergy and Soil Health – Is the Nexus Sustainable?

van den Brink, Cors

Harmonizing agriculture and vulnerable drinking water abstractions in Overijssel, the Netherlands: a collaborative approach

Dahlke, Helen

Historic, Current, and Future Availability of Surface Water for Agricultural Groundwater Banking in the Central Valley, California

Gailey, Robert

Hydro-Economic Analysis for Sustainable Groundwater Management

MacEwan, Duncan

Hydroeconomic Modeling of Sustainable Groundwater Management

Visser, Ate

Hydrogeochemical characterization in relation to nitrate concentrations in Central Valley (California, USA) domestic wells

Juvvadi, Devi Prasad

Impact of Community Based Tank Management in Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Telangana states in India

Young, Charles

Implementing California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: Farmer Perceptions and the Balance of Groundwater and Economic Sustainability

Urban, Daniel

Improved irrigation scheduling through airborne detection of water stress

Sato, Takeshi

Improvement of phytoremediation by using chelating agents

Kassenaar, Dirk

Incorporating a dynamic irrigation demand module into an integrated groundwater/surface water model to assess drought sustainability

Illangasekare, Tissa

Incorporating land-atmospheric-vegetation feedbacks into subsurface models used for agriculture water management.

Thorling. Lærke

Indicators to identify the source of pesticide contamination to groundwater

Urbanc, Janko

Influence of agriculture on the groundwater chemical status in Slovenian alluvial plains

Ta, Jenny

Informing Restoration Practice Through Estimation of Groundwater-Surface Water Time Lags With Windowed Cross-Correlation

Brozovic, Nicholas

Innovations in Agricultural Groundwater Management: Smart Markets for Transferable Pumping Rights

Langridge, Ruth

Institutional Approaches to Manage Groundwater in California:Evaluating Special Act Districts and Court Adjudications

Dorn, Linda

Integrated Modeling of In-Lieu Groundwater Recharge Using Recycled Water for Agriculture-Maximizing Benefits to Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems and Sustainable Groundwater Management

Maples, Stephen

Intercomparison of C2VSim and CVHM Groundwater Budgets for DWR Subregions in the Central Valley

Iwanyshyn, Mike

Investigating Livestock Manure Storage Facility Impacts on Groundwater in Alberta, Canada

Kraft, George

Irrigation Impacts in the Northern Great Lake States

Thorling, Lærke

Knowledge based protection of groundwater through monitoring and modelling of nitrate in groundwater in rural areas

Sutton, Nora


Kiparsky, Michael

Luncheon Keynote on Groundwater and the Future of Groundwater Management in Agriculture

Greenhalgh, Suzie

Managing freshwater resources: insights from New Zealand’s policy experience with managing the impacts of agricultural non-point sources.

Garner, Eric

Managing Groundwater In a Time of Increasing Demand and Changing Climate

Harter, Thomas

Managing the Groundwater-Surface Water Interface under California’s new GroundwaterLaw

Holley, Cameron

Markets, Groundwater and Law: Water Reform Lessons from Australia

Bartholomeus, Ruud

Matching agricultural freshwater supply and demand: using industrial and domestic treated wastewater for sub-irrigation purposes

Overhouse, Ashley

Mexico’s emerging illegal groundwater market: The product of corruption and neoliberal regulations

Andrews, Charles

Models to Inform Policy on Agricultural Groundwater Use in the Upper Midwest

Möller, Gregory

N-E-W Tech™: Advancing the Agricultural Circular Economy at the Nutrient-Energy-Water Nexus with Technology Innovation

Kretsinger Grabert, Vicki

Napa County Groundwater Resources: A Comprehensive Program to Ensure Sustainability

Bartlett, Gina

Negotiating agriculture representation in decision making on groundwater sustainability

Berg, Carolyn

New Model for Groundwater Management in Rural-Agricultural Basins

Boyce, Scott

New MODFLOW’s One-Water Hydrologic Flow Model and Application to Conjunctive Use of the Rio Grande River and Transboundary Aquifers

Schroeter, Angela

Nitrate in Groundwater – Implementing Groundwater Monitoring Requirements for Irrigated Agriculture and Ensuring Safe Drinking Water in the Central Coast Region of California

Kandelous, Maziar

Nitrate sensitive salinity management

Stern, Virginia

Nitrates, Groundwater and Drinking Water - A Tale of Two Communities

Fisher, Andrew

Nitrogen cycling and water quality improvement during managed aquifer recharge: Experiments using reactive barrier technology

Klassen, Parry

Nitrogen Fertilization in Central Valley Crops: Answering the question “Are we doing it Right?”

Hoogeveen, Marga

Nitrogen surplus key factor in relation between farm practices and water quality

Scherberg, Jacob

Numerical evaluation of managed aquifer recharge as a conjunctive water resource management tool in the Walla Walla Basin

Mountjoy, Daniel

On-Farm Recharge: Acceptance and use by farmers and water managers in the San Joaquin Valley, California

Melton, Forrest

Operational Mapping of Evapotranspiration over Agricultural Land in the California Central Valley

Pavelic, Paul

Options for viable small-scale groundwater irrigation systems in the least-developed, water-rich case of Lao PDR

Abdo, Maria Teresa


Abrishamchi, Ahmad

Planning for Sustainable Management of Groundwater Resources, Case Study: Nishapur plain in Iran

Ross, Karen

Plenary 11

Burns, Gordon

Plenary 12

Belitz, Kenneth

Plenary 22

Ludwig, Gabriele

Plenary 24

Mills, Ann

Plenary 31

Conant, Bernadette

Plenary 41

Cativiela, J.P.

Plenary 42

Alley, William

Plenary 43

Villholth, Karen

Plenary 45

Holley, Cameron

Plenary 46

Fienen, Michael

Potatoes and Trout: Groundwater Model Optimization to Balance Agricultural and Ecosystem Stakeholder Needs in the Little Plover River Basin, Wisconsin

Dahlke, Helen

Potential for managed aquifer recharge on alfalfa crop land in California.

Tolley, Douglas

Predicted Impacts of Conjunctive Water Management on Late Summer Streamflow in an Agricultural Groundwater Basin with Limited Storage, Scott Valley, CA

Stringfellow, William

Produced Water from Oil & Gas Fields as a Potential Source of Irrigation Water

Hyndman, David

Quantifying the Impact of Human activities on Water Sustainability and Crop Yields across the High Plains Aquifer using Process-Based Models

Kendall, Anthony

Quantifying the Impacts of Irrigation Technology Adoption on Water Resources in the High Plains Aquifer

Richey, Alexandra

Quantifying the Role of Agricultural Groundwater Use for Drought Mitigation

Oltjen, James

Quantifying Water Dynamics for Cattle Grazing California Rangelands

Quin, Bert

Reducing environmental N losses and increasing N uptake on grazed dairy farms with simple, low cost detection and treatment of fresh cow urine patches

Knapp, Keith

Regional management of a stock pollutant: agricultural drainwater

Diamantopoulos, Efstathios

Regional scale simulations of nitrate movement through the vadose zone using Hydrus 1D

Holley, Cameron

Regulating Water Bore Drillers: Lessons from Australia

Kimmelshue, Joel

Remotely Sensed Crop Mapping Applications for Water Resource Management and Decision Support

Malone, Robert

RZWQM simulations of nitrate loss to subsurface drains from a Midwest bioenergy production system

Loaiciga, Hugo

Safe yield of large and small aquifers in agricultural regions

Gurdak, Jason

Scale dependence of controls on groundwater vulnerability to nonpoint-source nitrate contamination, California Coastal Basin aquifer system

Heller, Noah

Selective Groundwater Extraction for Agricultural Yield Optimization

Singh, Ranvir

Sensitive Catchments – Managing Nutrient Pathways and their Attenuation in NZ Agricultural Catchments

Benli, Bogachan

Soil leaching in saline areas. Is it the best practice for salinity management in agriculture? A case study from the Aral Sea Basin, Central Asia

Mueller, Karin

Soil water repellency - a concern for groundwater recharge and quality?

Masarik, Kevin

Spatial and temporal variability of nitrate in Wisconsin’s groundwater

Young, Megan

Stable isotopes as indicators of sources and processes influencing nitrate distributions in groundwater beneath dairy farms in California

Ekdahl, Erik

State Implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

Fisher, Andy

Stormwater Runoff Analysis for Placement of Managed Aquifer Recharge Projects in Santa Cruz and Northern Monterey Counties, California

Bartholomeus, Ruud

Sub-irrigation with waste water: a soil column experiment to foresee and mitigate clogging

Gamon, Daniel

Summary of Managed Aquifer Recharge Concepts and Planning Methods

Knapp, Keith

Sustainability economics of groundwater usage and management: a perspective from environmental macroeconomics

Matsumoto, Sandi

Sustainable Groundwater Management: What We Can Learn from California’s Central Valley Streams

Liptzin, Daniel

The California Nitrogen Assessment: Implications for the Future of Groundwater Resources

Fogg, Graham

The Case for Subsurface Storage of Water in Agricultural Basins

Angermann, Till

The Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program – Insight from 4 Years of Monitoring and Special Studies

Bachand, Philip

The challenges of integrating groundwater in a significant way into California’s water supply portfolio

Aryal, Ballav

The economic value of emergency groundwater pumping during drought: The Yakima Basin, Washington State

Bertone Oehninger, Ernst

The effects of climate change on groundwater extraction for agriculture and land-use change

Archer, Kelly

The exportation of agricultural water in California and other arid regions of the US.

Miliband, Wes

The Future Of Agriculture In A Changing World With Less Water And More Regulations

Dar, Aaditya

The Groundwater Constraint: Responses to Falling Water Tables in India

Hasan, Mohammad

The impacts of piped water on water quality, sanitation, hygiene and health in rural households of north-western Bangladesh - a quasi-experimental analysis

Rempel, Jenny

The Importance of Rural, Farmworking Communities in Advancing Policy Solutions that Address Agricultural Pollution of Groundwater

LaHue, Gabriel

The influence of the recent California drought on water table levels in the Sacramento Valley

Döll, Petra

The irrigation-groundwater nexus at the global scale

Bachand, Philip

The McMullin Project: The Justification and Process to bring On-Farm Flood Capture from Concept to Implementation

Rijnaarts, Prof. Dr. ir Huub

The Netherlands Water Nexus Research Program: Brackish water as a resource for solving Agricultural and Industrial fresh water needs.

Jain, Meha

The relative influence of groundwater versus surface irrigation sources for agricultural production in India

Reinelt, Peter

To Maximize Net Benefits, Abolish or Limit Water Data Confidentiality to 1-5 Years

Hall, L. Flint

Tools for monitoring and evaluating potential sources of nitrates to ground water, Eastern Idaho

Huntington, Justin

Towards development of a complete Landsat evapotranspiration and energy balance archive to support agricultural consumptive water use reporting and prediction in the Central Valley, CA

Hunecke, Claudia

Towards understanding the role of Social Capital within Adoption Decision Processes: An application to adoption of irrigation technology

Liu, Min

Trends in extreme droughts and their impact on grain yield in China over the past 50 years

Mendez Barrientos, Linda

Understanding the timing and duration of implementation processes of groundwater management plans (GMPs) under AB3030 in California

Wallander, Steven

USDA Conservation Programs and Groundwater – Advances in Data and Modeling

Dobrowolski, James

USDA-NIFA’s Water for Agriculture: A mechanism to fund a broader portfolio in groundwater sustainability.

Fraters, Dico

Use of early warning monitoring systems for groundwater protection in a policy decision context

Teo, E.

Using a GIS to develop distributed stormwater collection systems linked to managed aquifer recharge

Halpenny, Morgan

Using High Frequency Pump Monitoring to Reduce Energy Consumption

Højberg, Anker

Utilizing natural nitrogen reduction in national regulation

Lapen, David

Veterinary antibiotic, pathogen, and antibiotic resistance genes in tile effluent and shallow groundwater following manure application: Influence of controlled tile drainage

Bjorneberg, David

Water quality trends in irrigation return flow from a southern Idaho watershed.

Aly, Osvaldo

Water Security, productive restructuring and land use at Sepé Tiaraju settlement, São Paulo State, Brazil

Essaid, Hedeff

Watershed modeling to evaluate the impact of irrigated agriculture on surface water – groundwater interactions

Gruere, Guillaume

What policies to manage groundwater use in agriculture? Lessons from a study of OECD countries.

Campbell, Marsha

What Will It Take To Protect Groundwater Quality Under California Central Valley Dairies?

Rozemeijer, Joachim

Will our traditions for groundwater sampling in agricultural settings survive the 21st century?

Lockwood, Brian

Working toward Sustainable Groundwater Resources in an Uncertain Future

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